Calsim adapts its approach to software project management to best meet its customers? overall objectives and desired level of involvement in the project controls, risk assessments, and resourcing. Progress reports are issued on a weekly basis. Calsim has demonstrated long-term success at working with its customers to ensure that they are informed of risks and kept abreast of important decision-points throughout the duration of a project, consistently delivering commitments within targets.


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FlareCheck is flaring and venting estimating software for the natural gas industry. FlareCheck was developed in response to the new guidelines of the Alberta Energy and Utilities (EUB) Board on Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring requirements. Also currently part of METCO suite of products. Initially developed and supported by Kenonic Controls.


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FlowCheck a part of METCO suite of products is verification software that uses industry-accepted standard equations to accurately calculate hydrocarbon gas and liquid flow rates for orifice, V-cone, nozzle, elbow, turbine, positive displacement, and ultrasonic flow meters, as well as pipe provers. FlowCheck is a valuable measurement tool that can be used for verification of electric flow meters. In 2003, Calsim Technologies performed upgrades to part of the software, and has been providing second-level technical support on its operation since.


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